englische Übersetzung „Nachrichten aus dem Strafvollzug“

i'm really glad to inform you, that jerk götterwind has made
it  possible that my book "news from behind the bars" is 
available in english now! 
a great comrade from uk, isy flynn, has done the huge work to
translate essays and poems i had written in the last few
158 pages full of informations! true stories!

1996 i was arrested and there´s no real chance to get free in 
the next few years. so i do my best to publish articles about 
the  situation behind the walls, to give inmates a voice, 
which weren`t heard without that.

the book is available for 5 €/pounds/$ plus postage. please 
get in touch with jerk:


he speaks english fluently :-) it would be an honour if you 
spread this message around.

in the struggle

thomas meyer-falk

c/o jva
hermann-herder-strasse 8
79104 freiburg (germany)

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